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    An increasing number of consumers are choosing to reduce their intake of animal/animal derived foods and increase their consumption of plant/plant-based foods but without totally excluding animal/animal derived foods from their diets. Such consumers may be making their dietary choices for various reasons such as concern for their health or the environment.

    Plant-based consumers are making a dietary choice for a variety of reasons while vegan and vegetarian consumers are generally making choices to avoid either all or some aspects of animal/animal derived products in their lives.

    Vegan and vegetarian claims also come with certain connotations that consumers other than those who identify as vegans or vegetarians might prefer to avoid. See:

    “Plant-based” appeals to a broad audience of consumers as evidenced by sales growth in the market.

    As consumers are making their respective food choices, whether in person or online, they are also looking for convenience in identifying foods that reflect their dietary choices.

    Being able to quickly and confidently identify GPBC products by simply looking for a GPBC logo means that consumers do not need to spend extra time reviewing every ingredient list on every product to determine whether a food meets their plant-based expectations. They simply need to look for the GPBC logo.